Saturday, December 8, 2007

Simple and Exponential Moving Average

Moving averages are lagging indicators,will give always late signals.
By weighing recent price data more heavily, exponential moving averages speed up the signal.

No matter which average you use,Simple and exponential moving averages will give similar signal. So,its best for you to choose whichever type of average you are most comfortable with it.

important :
1.An upward moving average is more bullish than that is moving sideways.
A downward moving average is more bearish than that is moving sideways.

2.Its bullish,when the price is above an upward moving average.
its bearish,when price is below a downward moving average.

3.If you are using more than one moving average on a chart, then it is bullish if the shorter moving average is above the longer one and the share price is above both moving averages. It is bearish when share price is below moving averages.

4.A 4-day moving average with a 9-day will be very similar to a 5-day with a 10-day.

5. to analyze the chart in the short,medium and Long term,Moving Averages should be 5 and 10-day for short term,30 and 50-day for medium,100,200-day for long term.

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