Friday, December 17, 2010

New Fail-Safe Trade Indicator by jaggu

Fail Safe indicators are made from stolid Moving Averages,which are more reliable than other lagging and leading indicators,since they follow market trend.

this 3 step simple & easy to use indicator is proven with tried and tested in various bull and bear markets with excellent results comparable to almost positional trade fail safe by jaggu.

Name fail safe comes from fact that,this indicator has to be updated daily and manually,free from any technical there is less chance of failing/or giving wrong trend.

this indicator is used as Reliable End of Day (EOD) indicator, since it depends basically on Open-High-Low-Close values.

this indicator is used for positional trade in trending market,in addition with intraday trades (with separate real time file for intraday trading also available)

How to use this Excel Sheet indicator:

In this,there are 3 separate indicators:
SL = this one gives the stoploss for your long or short position,

Day/Intraday trend= this indicator tells which is the best position for intraday trading

Positional trend= this indicator tells u whether the market is in down trend or uptrend.

Example Of Nifty (NSE 50) from 2008 onwards till dec 16-2010